Are you a member? Stand and be counted!

As a body, we’ve long had conversations about the need (or non-need) for a formal definition of membership.  Do we really need to have requirements for membership?  What does that even mean?  Who’s asking??  Regardless of how you answer those questions, or how you avoid answering them, it may be helpful to start somewhere.  There have been so many folks involved with VC in the past, and so many different versions of contact lists, that we just don’t have any way to keep track of everyone.  Please take 10 seconds and fill in this simple survey.  Use your own definition of what you think “member” means for now, and we’ll deal with the rest later.

Please understand that in filling out this form, you are NOT subscribing to the email newsletter.  You can do that over here – it’s a different system entirely.


One thought on “Are you a member? Stand and be counted!

  1. I am conflicted by this question. I love staying in touch with everyone and knowing what you are up to – perhaps just receiving the newsletter is all that is needed.

    So, having said that I guess I am not really a member any longer.

    I feel sad letting go…

    I like the direction I see you are heading – a model of shared ownership of the whole by the whole.

    blessings to you all, Elaine

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