Pastoral Council Profiles!

More than four months ago, the VC congregation nominated and confirmed certain people as members of the Pastoral Council, an internally recognized group of leaders charged with stewardship of various responsibilities and visions.  The community has been so patient and supportive during that time as we have tried to better define what these stewardship roles involve and how each member personally fits into those roles.

The members of the PC have each written a description of their position, with nice bulleted lists of duties, so that each role is more explicitly defined in everyone’s minds.  We’d also like to use this list as a way to stay accountable to the body that we are serving, but limit a single person from taking on too many responsibilities.

You can view the descriptions on the “About” page.

If you have any questions, you could get in touch with a particular PC member, leave a comment below, or send general feedback to the communications team.

It is important to note that, while we as the VC body have managed to fill most of the originally identified areas of stewardship, we have not found a person to take leadership of St. Elizabeth’s preservation.  Jeremy is doing a fantastic job with maintenance and the managerial aspects of renting the space for weddings etc., but we still need a person or persons to champion the proactive preservation that our old lady desperately needs.  Get in touch if you think this is you.

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