New Faces

Vineyard Central would like to recognize two new faces in our community. Laura Menze and Natasha Beljin, we extend a warm welcome to you!  To get in contact with these new members, reach out here.


I know that I have met many of you already, formally, informally or otherwise, but I wanted to introduce myself to the community. I moved to Cincinnati in February from Indianapolis/Fort Wayne, IN for a job and became introduced to VC soon afterwards. I am now working at Summit Behavioral Health, a regional psychiatric hospital, as an occupational therapist working with individuals with serious/chronic mental illness, including many involved in the legal system. In my free time, I enjoy conversations, cooking, sharing meals, sewing, reading, and being outside. As my job may suggest, I am also particularly interested on the complex web of how faith, mental health, disability, substance abuse, employment, quality of life, poverty, homelessness, etc. intersects.

When I moved to Cincinnati, I knew no one and had a day to find an apartment. I therefore found an apartment in East Hyde Park – little did I know I would end up being in West Norwood at least once a day. Although Hyde Park is not too far and the apartment is great, I am looking to move to Norwood. However, I have a lease that runs through the end of January. Therefore, I am looking for anyone who knows someone (or is someone) who would be interested in subletting the apartment in order to facilitate a move to Norwood. I am flexible on dates and the possibility of leaving it furnished. If you know or hear of someone who is interested, definitely let me know and I can pass on information/pictures/etc.


Natasha grew up on Shadyoak Ct. in Cincinnati. She has always loved sitting in the woods reading literature/theology or playing with sticks. She recently spent a year being pruned by working residential care and then a year learning how to abide and produce fruit at a monastery in Virginia. She now lives in Norwood above the Bird, but you can find her in the tree house a great deal. Her desire is to have strong roots that others might lean on her, perhaps one day in a full time ministry position, but for now she is largely just learning how to grow toward the sun.

3 thoughts on “New Faces

  1. Natasha is a much grander human being than her intro Bio suggests. She sings like an angel, is a true servant leader in the making, a Wheaton Grad, a great listener, and one of 1801 Mills only real volunteers. She is providing a wonderful peace invoking role as a soul friend to me… and anyone around me stands to be blessed by her work on my behalf.

  2. What a great idea to introduce folks here! I got to meet Laura for the first time when she volunteered to help our housechurch work in the kids room and felt so encouraged by her presence and thoughtful conversation as we painted. Even from that brief encounter I could tell that I have much to learn from her. And I hope I get to meet Natasha soon!

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