September PC meeting minutes


September 26, 2010

Present:  Josh Hanauer, Jeremy Eyre, Greg York, Dave Nixon, Sam Hatchett, Owen Brock, Janet McNeel, and Mandy McLaughlin

Meeting held at The Convent and led by Josh Hanauer.  Several potential agenda items were reviewed and prioritized.

1)  House Church Network

Discussion centered on status of house churches and the need for “birthing” of new house churches at the appropriate time.  Council members reflected on their own personal experiences and provided input regarding key concerns.  Many of VC’s current members are not attending a house church.  At this time, we have few options to offer newcomers. Consequently, members agreed that Dave and Josh will devote part of their time in the next week/s to establishing 1-2 new house churches.  Hopefully there will be 2-4 new house churches by January.

2)  Sunday Gatherings

Recently several VC members have expressed a desire to have regular weekly gatherings.  There are many challenges to making this a reality, but council members identified some possible strategies.  Some of the pressing issues which must be addressed include leadership, sustainability, care of children, and the need for shared responsibility for each part of the morning.  The wisdom, value, and work of establishing this weekly meeting will continue to be explored by Dave and Josh when they meet later this week.

These two topics were discussed at length and are considered to be vital to our health as the Vineyard Central community.  The council determined that it will be important to meet again as soon as schedules will allow.  The next Pastoral Council meeting is now set for Monday, October 11 from 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.  and will be held at the Speckled Bird.

One thought on “September PC meeting minutes

  1. Your Pastoral Council is working very hard these days. Much of what is being discussed effects the community and your prayers are appreciated.

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