Discernment Gathering Times

The following announcement is from Nathan Myers:

Hello Vineyard Central community.

Things were a bit confusing toward the end of our gathering on Sunday as several times/persons to contact were mentioned regarding the upcoming weekly discernment times.  To clear up the confusion a bit, we set up a Doodle Poll to decide on a weekly (Sunday) meeting time. Please cast your votes by Wednesday evening — we’ll tally up the results on Thursday and send out a reminder soon after.

We shifted the suggested times a bit to reflect two desires.  The morning time is shifted back to 11 to provide space for one of the leaders should the community lean on that time more heavily.  The afternoon time is shifted forward to 4 in a desire to be hospitable to parents of young children (of which we have many) in our community who need space and energy to devote to the gatherings before their children are needing to transition to bed.  The times on the poll reflect the likely length of our gatherings maximum of 2 1/2 hours), given that we will spend a piece of time in a worship gathering, a piece eating together, and a piece learning and discussing with one another.

Please click on the below link so we can get a good sense of what time would work best for a wide swath of our community. As stated in the poll, your preference will remain anonymous to all but those collecting the results.”


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