Easter Baptism and Dedication

The following announcement is from Angie Ferrell:

For the second year, VC will include a dedication and baptism service in our Easter worship gathering on Sunday, April 24th.  These celebrations of new life in the church Body and new life in Christ are a natural extension of our celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  This is open to families with new family members they wish to dedicate or baptize into the VC faith community, as well as to older kids and adults who are interested in being baptized as a step in their personal faith journey.

For parents who wish to dedicate or baptize their new family member/s:  The VC family is representative of many different faith traditions, and within those traditions there are different rites or ceremonies by which parents express their desire to raise their children in the knowledge of Christ.  Both dedication and baptism are symbolic ways of committing our children to the Lord and of invoking our faith community’s support to that end.

For children and adults with a desire to be baptized:  We follow the 1st century church tradition of baptism by submersion and will have our “baptismal pool” available.

A special liturgy has been authored for this VC service, and will include time for each family to share briefly about those being dedicated and baptized.

If you are interested in participating, please e-mail Angie Ferrell at aaferrell@yahoo.com no later than Friday, April 8. Include whether dedication or baptism is desired and the person’s name.  Those desiring baptism will be connected to some of the leaders from within VC, who will provide spiritual guidance and support toward this milestone in your faith journey.

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