Outline for the Remaining Weeks of the Discernment Process

The end is coming!

Christ the King Sunday is Nov 20, and that is the final gathering of the discernment process. Here is the plan for the remaining weeks:

October 16– Building discussion, pt. 2; exploring the purpose(s) of the building in what God is calling us to as a church in light of the financial realities of the options discussed last week

October 23– Relationship to Vineyard USA; theological affirmations

October 30– Budget discussion and deciding on the possibility of paid staff in light of the the financial and ministry realities; projecting income and expenses for 2011

November 6– Present finalized membership proposal; sound the official call for one year commitments to membership and for considering being an elder

November 13– Receive members; decide on a process for selecting elders for a one year commitment; begin nominating candidates

November 20– Christ the King Sunday; elder nominations received; vision for church presented and committed to

November 27- First Sunday of Advent; regular service; celebration!                    

Revised Nov. 3


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