Practices that Members Covenant to Live Into

  • Partaking of eucharist (communion)
  • Faithful participation in weekly gatherings and times of communal prayer
  • Faithful service to the church and to the community in a specific, God-gifted role
  • Faithful participation in discipling relationships (such as in small groups)
  • Getting to know, and faithfully praying for, one’s immediate neighbors
  • Faithfully assisting in VC-hosted community meals
  • Faithful participation in decision making, including the selection of leaders
  • Faithfully praying for VC and its leaders
  • Faithfully giving at least 5% of one’s finances to VC
  • Faithfully observing weekly times of Sabbath rest

One thought on “Practices that Members Covenant to Live Into

  1. I would like to come visit again, and reaquaint myself. I can’t always travel to worship other places, so I am looking to worship the Lord around my home also. I have been away for a long time. Hope to see you all soon! : )

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