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+Who We Are

Vineyard Central is an ongoing experiment of blending church and intentional community. There have been many different expressions of that experiment over the years, but the motivating desire has remained the same: to participate in God’s mission to redeem, reconcile and renew all of creation–every person, family, city and place–by embracing, proclaiming and demonstrating the reality of God’s love.

We want to be a part of the transforming work of God in our neighborhood and believe the Church still has a central role to play in that work. We also believe that this work best happens when God’s people enmesh themselves in a particular place with a particular people, which is why many of us are committed to living in the neighborhood. We want to learn from those who have lived here a lot longer than us, people who often practice the hospitality we preach much better than we do! Read more here.


Our church is led by a team of Elders, a Pastor and a Board of Trustees. Find out more here.


Vineyard Central is part of the larger Vineyard USA family of churches. Find out more here.