Events & Weddings

+Building Rental

Due to some needed repairs to the building, we are not currently renting the space for weddings or larger events. If you’d like to be notified when the space is available again, please email 

+A Short History

St. Elizabeth is the space that Vineyard Central owns in Norwood. “St. E” was built in 1903 by the Roman Catholic Church and was sold to Vineyard Central in 1995.

In this space, we’ve held weddings and funerals, art camps and films, concerts and parties, housed neighbors in need and given away thousands of bags of groceries. We find the building to be a place of joy and comfort, as well as a place of peace and prayer.

You can view photos of past weddings here: St. E Photos

You can also view this music video to get a feel for what it’s like inside:


+Building Renovation

We’ve been doing what we can to keep her a safe and beautiful place, but she’s old and needs a lot of work to keep her going. If you’d like to make a donation to the fund that cares for her, you can write a check to Vineyard Central (with “Building Fund” in the memo) and mail it to: Vineyard Central, 1759 Mills Ave, Norwood, OH  45212. This contribution is eligible for a tax deduction.

VC Trustees are actively working on creative ways to repair and renovate St. Elizabeth. If you have any talents or ideas to give, send us an email.