Compost at the Convent

The following is a message from Robert, a VC newcomer:

Hello, my name is Robert Lockridge.  I am new to VC, to Norwood and to Ohio.  I grew up in Virginia and recently moved here from Vancouver, BC. Since moving in with Dave and Jody two weeks ago, I’ve been preparing much of the land around the Convent for planting.  I am a parish farmer and lay pastor; my hopes are to become a part of the neighborhood and the community by growing food for and with those who call this place home.

This coming Monday (17 May) I’ll be receiving a delivery of rich, composted soil to the Lincoln Ave. side of St. E’s courtyard.  You’re welcome to come by with a wheelbarrow and help yourself.  Though the compost is freely given by the village of Greenhills, having it hauled here is not free; therefore if you’re able, please leave $ 5 at the Convent for every two heaping wheelbarrows of composted soil you cart away.  (That being said, if you want some and you can’t afford it, by all means, have some for free.)

Also, if anyone is interested in helping me wheelbarrow compost to the beds around the Convent, I’d happily welcome your help and company.  I’m grateful for having met many of you and I look forward to meeting the rest of you in the coming days and months.

One thought on “Compost at the Convent

  1. Many thanks to Robert for bringing his gifts into our community and living life among us. May we all be nourished in body and Spirit.

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