Newest Friends

Vineyard Central would like to recognize two of our newest friends, Sabrina Trosper and Dan French, in our community. We extend a warm welcome to you!

Inroducing Sabrina Trosper

Sabrina grew up on the West side of town. She moved to Norwood about four years ago to be closer to her job at Critical Mass Media. This past September she was laid off because the company closed. Since then she’s worked at Busken Bakery, and is currently doing temp work. Sometimes she works a week, then she’s off a week. Her birthday is June 2nd and her favorite color is orange. She loves to read, enjoys learning, likes art and experiencing new things. She’s been attending Vineyard Central consistantly since the June fesitival and is thankful to everyone at VC who have been very kind to her.

Inroducing Dan French

Thanks for welcoming me into Vineyard Central. I met Dave Nixon a few years ago at the Vineyard in Florence, Kentucky. He seemed to share my deep interest in Thomas Merton and the contemplative life so as I finished up three years of helping start a new Vineyard in Grant County, Kentucky, my pastors recommended I contact him for guidance on “what’s next”. Dave’s advice was as sound as Jesus’ and Philip’s (and I’m sure others): “Come and see.” The home church, neighborhood model will get us through all that is and is coming as it has for millennia.

There are obstacles to overcome of course. My hope is a rapid transition in relationships, obligations, and work that would allow me to find an apartment and move into the neighborhood this fall. Tertullian said, “All sin is a result of impatience with God.” Along these lines, I ‘bin perty bad. Time isn’t what it used to be.
For me happiness is a good cup of coffee, the presence of my Lord Jesus, and brothers and sisters to share it with. I promise to try to be happy!

One thought on “Newest Friends

  1. Sabrina/Dan. A hearty welcome from the Hanauer clan! We do look forward to getting know you both, sharing our lives together and celebrating more of the Kingdom.

    Joshua/Maurie/Riley Jo/Conrad

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