Vineyard USA Haiti Relief

Did you know that 3% of our total offerings go to the Vineyard USA? Did you know that this is common practice among Vineyards throughout the U.S.? And did you know that almost all of this then gets redistributed for acts of mercy, church planting and seed money for conferences? And did you know that the glorious “National Office” in Sugar Land TX is smaller than many people’s homes and has a staff of fewer than a dozen mostly overworked people? (Think low overhead.) That’s right.

By the way, our offerings, along with those of others, funded a huge relief effort in the country of Haiti following the devastating earthqakes earlier this year. If you’d like to contribute directly with you dollars you can do that here. If you’d like instead offer your time and presence in Haiti, the need is still great, especially for skilled laborers. Spread the word to electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and contractors of all sorts. The contact person for the camp is Diane Jacobson.

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