St. Elizabeth Explorers Update

The following announcement is from Dave Nixon:

In late June of this year it was announced that an ad hoc committee was forming to explore how to move forward with the St. Elizabeth property. As was stated at the time:

This team isn’t a decision-making body. Instead it will generate ideas and attach some levels of feasibility to each of the ideas based on research that it does. At the end of the summer it will present its ideas and suggestions to the Board of Trustees and Pastoral Council. Those two groups will then determine how best to present the committee’s work to the rest of the community, soliciting input and further ideas.

Although we haven’t met the “end of the summer” deadline, we have, to date, considered a wide number of ideas. We’ve narrowed these down to what we think are the best options for moving forward. We’re now in the process of engaging some contractors to attach real numbers to each of the options. We expect this will take until mid-December to wrap up.

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