Servant In Concert

The following was sent in by Sandie Brock:

Friends, family, acquaintances….
Some have you may have known us for 20 years or more and never knew that we spent over 15 years of our lives touring in a Christian rock band. Oh my! It seems your past does catch up with you as we are now having a reunion date at a large festival in IL in a mere few weeks!
Attached you will find information on a preview performance being held in Cincinnati on Tuesday, June 28th. We didn’t want anyone to wonder why we never mentioned this show so here it is. If you are scratching your head and saying, “no way, I have to see this” go on and read below. The rest of you can pretend we never mentioned it.
Ideally we would love to gather you all in with us for free and enjoy this experience. Our reality is the costs for this reunion adventure are stacking up fast and we’re hoping to break even. This is a fund-raising event to underwrite some of the costs involved. It is a small venue so we need every seat sold. Thank you for understanding and thank you for your support!
looking forward to the fun,
Owen & Sandie

PDF flyer:

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