Let’s Say Thanks for this Gift!

Last week my good friend Thom Stout brought 22 teens from Grace Community Church in Washington Court House, OH to our neighborhood. They spent a couple days among us helping in whatever ways they were needed. They slept on the floor in a hot church building, brought almost all of their own food, and put in about 12+ hours of hard labor each. With the two adult chaperones included, the whole group gave away about 300 hours of work to serve us!

Much of their time was spent preparing gardens (especially the new one at Upper Milcrest Park) and cleaning out the basement of the church building.

It would be great if we as a family wrote their youth pastor, Thom Stout, and thanked him / them for the great gift they gave us. You can reach him at violentruth@gmail.com

Peace to you,

One thought on “Let’s Say Thanks for this Gift!

  1. Thanks for sharing the blessing of this group to include 1801 Mills. I enjoyed the conversations with these young people and they were very dedicated and hardworking. Pastor Stout was also someone that our Espresso Guild staff and I enjoyed getting to know and we hope to be able to help them create an excellent coffeehouse ministry in their community that can include on its staff of baristas some of the students that we met.

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