Concrete proposal for Vineyard Central structure…

For those participating in the Discernment Process:

This upcoming Sunday, we will share a skeleton outline of how Vineyard Central will structure ourselves going forward.  This is a clear work in progress; the next stages of our Conversation together will focus on Membership, Leadership, and Neighborhood, which will put “flesh on the bones” of the outline.

The outline will be presented as a way of simplifying the process for all of us.  We are moving from all things being up in the air towards more clarity, more detail, and a working model.  We hope this will be a breath of fresh air for those who have faithfully been present at each stage in the process.  This will also be an invitation for those who have stood on the sidelines to come and observe what we have decided thus far; listening deeply and quietly for a sustained period of time before volunteering a perspective.

The process thus far has been one of mutual respect, a growth in trust and love from participants, an affirmation of the important and beautiful ways we have functioned as community so far, and an opportunity to set a stake in the ground describing specific, concrete desires for Vineyard Central that we can be accountable to as a local church body.

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  1. Sandie and Janelle,

    We will be posting and attaching several documents and an image of what we are proposing in the next several days. Keep an eye on the “Recently” section of our website that this post showed up on for the updates.

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