Christian Community Development

The Courtland Ave House Church (that meets at Ben and Mary Ellen’s house) will be hosting an eight week series on  Christian Community Development, led by Josh Stoxen. We plan to start Sept 8 with a potluck dinner at 6:30 and then a discussion. We are going to do one a month for 8 months, with the goal of becoming better at reaching out to and helping transform Norwood. Would you have any interest in joining us?  Following Sept 8, we will meet the first Thursday of each month.

The 8 principles are relocation, reconciliation, redistribution, church based, listening to the community, wholistic approach, empowerment, and leadership development. Our hope as a HC is to let these principles inform the work we are doing with Upper Millcrest Park, but ideally many different people might find ways to let them inform or initiate meaningful work in our neighborhood.

Childcare will be provided. We will finish no later than 8:30pm.

Let me know if you have any interest– email

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