Apt for Rent

Apartment available in West Norwood on Williams Ave.
This little apartment is a perfect fit for someone with community leanings who appreciates the flexibility of individual space.  The building is owned by a 70 year old woman who views her tenants as a kind of makeshift extended family.  She will bring you a hot bowl of Campbell’s soup if you are sick.  I and the other tenant are single 30-somethings who leave our doors unlocked and volunteer to pet sit
one another’s cats on weekends.  We help one another in concrete ways, and although we wouldn’t formally characterize ourselves as an official community, life is definitely lived together.

If you have a penchant for gardening, a high tolerance for cats (there are 10 total in the building), and a desire for a living situation that is more interdependent than submitting rent once a month, this
may be the place for you.  Please contact Meridith Owensby at 513-223-3509 or  meridithowensby@gmail.com for more information.

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