Keeping Marriage Vital

Hi VC’ers

To brighten up Winter I’d like to offer a marriage seminar Saturday, February 4th from 9am to noon. Let me know if you’re interested by replying to this. Judging by the cheer that went up when I announced this last Sunday, it sounds like we’ll have a lively group.  Bring enough healthy and unhealthy breakfast food to share, and I’ll provide coffee and tea. BYO mug, pen, paper, and Bible. I’m going green: no handouts, no photocopies, no power-point (I don’t know about you but I usually take all the binders and handouts home, mean to reread them, put them on a shelf, and forget about them). I’m working on getting childcare; I’ll let you know when it’s secured (If you have someone else to leave your kids with that would reduce the need/cost; if any of you have good leads for childcare I’d be glad for the input). Suggested donation of $10 per couple to cover heat and childcare.


Dave Barr

14 thoughts on “Keeping Marriage Vital

  1. The Stoxens plan on coming. We’ll work on childcare on our end so Micah can get his morning nap at home, but not sure that we’ll get it.

  2. Hi All, FYI: Mark and Liz Bruner have secured 4 Xavier students to do child care and are planning some activities for the kids. -Dave

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