A Proposal for a (Kitchen) Tool Sharing Program

From Meridith Owensby:
Today I found myself thinking about a tofu press. “Self, you do not need a tofu press,” I chided myself. “You already have plenty of unitaskers in your kitchen you don’t use. Do you need to be reminded how many popsicle-related items you own?”
I started thinking about how it would be nice to share all of these infrequently-used items, as well as trying out items that others already own and seldom use. What I needed was a tool bank but for things like bread machines or soda streams or ice cream makers, or occasional use items like canning supplies and candy molds and fancy coffee makers.
Perhaps others would be interested in this idea? We could start with a spreadsheet of who has what items they’d be willing to lend. We’d have the additional bonus of getting tips from one another, from the experts who are master canners to those phenomenally good at making kefir.
If this is of interest drop me a line at meridithowensby at gmail. If there are at least 10 people willing to join in I’ll draw up a survey and send it around to everyone who expressed interest. Then I’ll put together a google spreadsheet we can all share to see who has what available.

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