VC Kids Summary: May

During the month of May, the children celebrated the season of Easter and remembered that Jesus lives and invites us to life. They learned the Bible verse, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

When the 5-7 year olds heard the story of the Road to Emmaus they were invited to draw pictures of God being present in scenes of our life where we think all hope is gone and God is not near.  When the 0-4 year olds heard about Peter on the beach they reenacted the story and pretended to fish and ate their snack on a make shift beach. They talked about Jesus putting us back together even after we sin and made a puzzle piece craft project to remind them of this. The children also wondered about the story of the disciples and Thomas and the Great Commission. The children also head the story of the ascension. The 5-7 year olds explored creation seeking to have eyes that see the signs that remind us that Christ remains with us and will return. And the 0-4 year olds also prepared for Pentecost and made a craft with tongues of fire headbands.

In addition, the 8-11 year olds talked about prayer and practiced praying for each other and talked about how praying for one another is a great way to care for each other.

In the season following Pentecost and up through Advent, the children will be hearing stories of the faithful imperfect followers of God, namely Joseph, David, Daniel, Ruth, Esther, Jonah, and Job, as well as Paul.

I recently remarked to a friend how much I enjoy telling stories to the children and how good it is to tell stories that my soul needs to hear. But telling stories with the children is not a telling of an abstraction, but rather, it is telling a story that is real and affects my life when I place myself alongside those in the stories – alongside the disciples walking to Emmaus discouraged and despairing and with the disciples filled with joy and rejoicing when Christ says he will return. Christ offers a response and invitation in both of these postures of my heart when I tell these stories once again.  It is good to journey towards God alongside the children among us.


Mandy McLaughlin (1-4 Year Olds)
Laura Menze (5-7 Year Olds)
Jill Stoxen (8-10 Year Olds)

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