15-week series starting May 2nd: Conversations on Following Jesus

To whom and to what have we actually committed when we say yes to following Jesus? What are the non-negotiables of allegiance to Christ and how do we express our faith? What are the attitudes of mind and concrete behaviors that distinguish Christian community other communities?
If you wrestle with these questions or simply want to understand better what discipleship is all about, please join us for a 15-week series beginning May 2nd, from 6-8pm, that will cover the following themes among others:

simplicity: the radical root
community: the new and prophetic society
prayer: the primary grammar
forgiveness & reconciliation: living in the generosity of God
servanthood: the level playing field
non-violence: the War of the Lamb

the least and the last: minding the margins of life
This 15-week series would be especially ideal for those who are newer Christians, but we’re not checking I.D. at the door. Come one, come all. If you have any specific questions you’d like answered before committing, please contact me (Dave Nixon) at: dave.vineyardcentral@gmail.com
Peace to you,
Dave Nixon

3 thoughts on “15-week series starting May 2nd: Conversations on Following Jesus

  1. This series is being held at The Speckled Bird Cafe, correct?

    Here’s the address:

    The Speckled Bird
    1766 Mills Ave,
    Norwood, OH 45212

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