Toys and Books for the Kid’s Room

A message from Mills House Church:

Our house church is finishing our project of sprucing up the kid’s room in the next couple weeks, and we would love to add to the current toy collection. We’ll be putting together a large shelf on Wednesday, April 28 and hopefully filling it with toys. We wanted to put the call out to the community to see if anyone had any new or gently used toys or books on hand they’d like to donate to help make the space extra fun for our little ones.

This probably goes without saying, but if you have toys to share, please make sure that they are non choke-able, don’t have lead paint, fleas, bed bugs (no donations from a thrift store without sterilization), nothing plush, like stuffed animals.

Ideal toys would have few parts and be easy to clean, hard plastic or wood and have few or no removable parts. Think about what you might find at a pre-school or children’s museum. Examples might be stack and nest blocks, dump trucks, a telephone that is all one piece, a cash register without removable parts, musical instruments, moving gear sets that are attached to a base, baby dolls that are solid plastic, a play cube/ bead maze, a magna doodle, puzzles with only 4 or five large pieces.

Please email Elizabeth to make arrangements for donated toys before April 25.

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