Pastoral Council Update

The 2010 Pastoral Council has experienced substantial transition since its formation early this year.
This is a short update on the state of the leadership positions that were identified.
If you feel called to any of the vacant or interim positions, please reach out (

Interior Pastor: Dave Nixon
Exterior Pastor: Josh Hanauer
Admin/Support: Janet McNeel
Finance: Greg York (INTERIM)
Communications: Sam Hatchett / Mandy Mclaughlin
Facilities / Building Maint.: Jeremy Eyre
Newcomers: Christiane Sears
Children (under 8): Maurie Hanauer

House Churches / Leadership Community: VACANT
Gatherings: VACANT
Children (8+): VACANT
Building Preservation: VACANT

2 thoughts on “Pastoral Council Update

  1. Hey — Just wondering, did the folks that left those positions give any reasons for doing so? I am wondering if it more personal in nature, or about the sustainability of the model overall? It just seems striking to have that much turnover as quickly.

  2. Mary Ellen.
    Please contact the individuals that left those positions in order to understand their reasoning.

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