Kroger Community Rewards Fund Raiser

The following is from the Norwood City Schools After School Programs (via Joshua Hanauer):

The 21st Century After School Program is asking the community to participate in our fund raiser! As required by the Ohio Department of Education we are required to raise sustainability funding for our after school programs. All of Norwood City School After School Programs are grant funded.  As we face a $100,000.00 dollar decrease in funding for our Middle School Program next year it is critical we raise funds to keep our program vital and effective.

The Kroger Fund raiser will be ongoing as long as the 21st Century After School Program exists. It is easy, and has the potential to raise substantial money for our program. Buy a $5.00 dollar gift card from us, load it before you shop at Kroger or buy gas and we will receive 4% of every purchase! Cards can be purchased from us&nand used at any Kroger in the United States.

Download the form found on the side and return to the Middle School to the attention of the 21st Century After School Program.

The form can be downloaded from this link.

3 thoughts on “Kroger Community Rewards Fund Raiser

  1. Sam.
    Thanks for posting this. Many of our kids currently/will attend Norwood City Schools and many of us shop/buy gas from Kroger. This program costs you zero dollars and has the potential to raise a great deal of money for the After Schools Programs of our school district.
    I have a meeting set for Friday with the director of those programs with plans to put Norwood Rugby on the list of options for the kids. It will be another way for us to invest in our neighborhood by being with the children of our neighborhood. Thanks.

  2. I am happy to do this but it is not clear to me where to go to purchase the card. Is there a particular school office? Anyone go there that I can give $10 to pick two up for our household?

  3. I met with the woman who organized the fundraiser this morning. If you want a card, please get your application to me with the $5.00 and I will take care of the rest.
    Side note: Norwood Rugby is Norwood’s latest After School Program option. We get started in a few short weeks.

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