Millcrest Park Work Day, June 23

On Thursday June 23 Courtland Ave House Church is having a work day at the upper millcrest park. Please consider coming out and helping us if you can. It is going to be potluck dinner.  6:30 -9pm

We will be

  • tilling up the picnic area and planting mulch
  • Cleaning up the plantings that we already did and maybe adding some annuals
  • Planting some more around the bath house

It seems like the best bet for planting around the picnic area would be in planters. Does anyone have any or know where we could get large ones, preferably plastic, or something not glass.

Mulch has been delivered. Picnic tables have been delivered. Now we just need to finish phase 1 of this project!

Mary Ellen Mitchell

3 thoughts on “Millcrest Park Work Day, June 23

  1. This sounds like a wonderful project Mary Ellen. I’m so glad your house church is taking time for this! I wish I were still in Cincinnati! I’d love to be a part of this!

  2. If planters need to be purchased, IKEA planters are very inexpensive – compared to the big box home stores. Big Lots may also carry large ones that are budget-friendly.

  3. I have a little extra mulch(black)from my spring planting,if you need it.If so,where is the park’s location?Let me know!Thanks,Frank

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