Upcoming worship gathering conversation on October 9th

Hello VCers.

As you know, we’re in the midst of an important Discernment Time for our church community, and we’ve been spending time on vital issues for our community one after another since Pentecost.  This upcoming Sunday, October 9th, we will begin what will be a 2-3 week conversation regarding our building, St E’s.

In the recent history of Vineyard Central, some among us dedicated an important chunk of time and energy to considering options for the building going forward.  As an affirmation of their important work, and as a confession that we’re not re-inventing the wheel now, several members of what was known as the St. Elizabeth’s Explorers will share with us their work, give us recommendations, and have some time to respond to questions we might have.

It will be a panel format, with those who can make it sitting together up front. Angela Pancella will begin with an overview of what the team discovered and the options they had been working on. The other panelists can chime in and add details as they see fit. Then there will be a time of Q&A for the whole gathering. If there is time, we will conclude by giving each panelist a couple minutes to share  their personal recommendation/desire for the building. So a general timeline:

11:00-11:20   General overview of the findings and different options
11:20-11:30   Q&A
11:30-11:40   Panelist perspectives (if there is time)
Here are a couple links to follow that will guide our thinking over the next several weeks:


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