Elder Candidates and Sunday’s Vote

The following people have agreed to be candidates for eldership and will appear on the ballot for this Sunday’s vote:

  • Thurman Allen
  • Matt Dawson
  • Jeremy Eyre
  • Angie Ferrell
  • Kenny Havens
  • Mandy McLaughlin
  • Laura McNeel
  • Nathan Myers
  • Josh Stoxen

On Sunday, members will each vote for five of these candidates. Please spend some time prayerfully considering those who have decided to put their names forward. Click here to review the role that elders will play in our church.

The vote will take place immediately following the gathering on Sunday. Since Tom and Natasha are not candidates, they will facilitate the voting and the counting of the votes. If you are a member and are unable to attend this Sunday, please vote in absentia by emailing your vote to vcelders@gmail.com before noon on Sunday.

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